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Animal Science

Animal Facts

What wild cat is the biggest? The Tiger
Do bears have good eyesight, sense of smell, or hearing? A good sense of smell
What are baby swans called? Cygnets
What animal makes the loudest noise on earth? The Blue Whale
What bird lays the largest egg? The Ostrich
What family do snails belong to? The Mollusk Family
What is the smallest owl in the world? The Elf Owl
What is the most poisonous snake in the world? The Fierce Snake
How long can a penguin stay underwater? The longest recorded time is 20 minutes
How many eggs can frogs and toads lay in a lifetime? About a quarter of a million!
What is the most poisonous frog? The Poison-Dart Frog
Do octopuses have teeth? No, but they have sharp jaws
Which insect can run the fastest? The Green Tiger Beetle
Which is the biggest butterfly in the world? The Queen Alexandra's birdwing
How big can spiders grow? Some spiders can grow as big as dinner plates!
What is the fastest lizard on earth? The racerrunner
What is a Polar Bear's true and only predator? Humans
Created by: Abigael