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Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Continental Drift.

Tectonics The study of the formation of the features in earth's crust.
The earth's crust consist of two types, which are? 1.Oceanin Crust2.Continental Crust
The earth has two layers, which are? 1.Lithosphere2.Asthnosphere
Lithosphere Is made up of the oceanic crust, continental crust, and the rigid upper mantle.
Lithospheric Plates Are broken up into several individual plates, these plates ride on top of the denser asthenosphere through the process of convection.
Asthenosphere A layer of solid rock that flows like putty due to the extreme pressure.
Due to the movement of plates there are three types of movements. Name them. 1.Divergent Boundaries2.Convergent Boundaries3.Transform Boundaries
Divergent Boundaries When two plates move away from each other. They form a rift valley.Example: Mid Atlantic Ridge.
Convergent Boundaries When two plates collide.
Transform Boundaries When two plates grind past each other. Example: San Andrea Fault in California
Earthquakes A shaking of the earth's crust due to a release of energy.
Elastic Rebound Theory As pressure builds up betwen two plates that are locked the plates will fracture at their weakest point, and spring back or rebound to their original position.
Fault An area where breaks in the earth's crust are moving in different directions.
Major Eathquake Zones 1.Pacific Ring Of Fire2.Mid Ocean Ridges3.Euasian Melanesian Mountain Belt
Siesmic Waves 1.Primary Waves (P)2.Secondary Waves (S)3.Surface Waves (L)
Primary Waves (P) Compressional waves, travel through solids, liguids, gas.
Secondary Waves (S) Displace rock particles perpendicular to the path of the wave, travel through solids.
Surface Waves (L) Travel over the surface of the earth. Move like ripples in a pound.
Earthquakes have two point locations. 1.Focus2.Epicenter
The focus and epicenter of the earthquake are located by... Trilateration
Volcanoes Any place on the planet where some material from the inside of the planet makes it way to the surface.
Magma Fluid, molten rock.
Where do must volcanoes occur? Island Arcs near Subduction zones.
Lava When magma reaches the sufrace.
Two types of rocks formed from lava. 1.Felsic2.Maific
Felsic Rocks Are formed from magma that is re-meltded continental crust. They are rich in feldspar and quartz. Red, brown or gray in color.
Maric Rocks Are formed from macific magma which is directly from the mantle. Appear black in color.
Two types of lava rocks 1.Aa2.Pahoehoe
Aa Lava Rocks Form from thicker, slower moving lava.
Pahoehoe Lava Rocks Forms smooth shapes, looking like rope or toothpaste.
Types of Volcanoes 1.Shield Volcanoes2.Stratovolcano3.Cinder Cone
Shield Volcaneos Broad and rounded, made from stacks of runny basaltic lava.
Statovolcano Steep sided volcano made of alternating layers of cinders and lava.
Tephra A term used to descrive any material produced in an explosive volcanic eruption.
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