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Pathology general

pyknosis basophilia
pyknotic nuclear fragmentation karyorrhexis
nuclear fading karyolysis
Reversible cell injury cell swelling, nuclear chromatin clumping, decreased ATP synthesis, ribosomal detachment, glycogen depletion, fatty change
Irreversible cell injury Plasma membrane damage, lysosomal rupture, ca influx (oxidative phosphorylation), nuclear pyknosis, karylosis, karyorrhexis, mitochondrial permeability
Substances chemotactic for neutrophils IL-8, C5a, leukotriene B4, kallikrein
Granuloma. 2 inflammatory factors that promote its formation Nodular collections of epithelioid macrophages and giant cells. IL-2, IFN-gamma
Granulomatous diseases: .Bart the Leopard and his Crohnies went to Wegman's To Buy Listerine and Sparkling SoapBartonella, Leprosy, Wegener's granulomatosis, TB, Listeria, Sarcoid, syphillis
Protein poor, hypocellular transudate
Protein rich, cellular exudate
Exudate due to Lymphatic obsturction, inflammation
Transudate due to Increased hydrostatic pressure, decreased oncotic pressure, Na retention
Steps to leukocyte extravasation: Rolling Sialyl X on leukocyte, e-cadherin on blood vessel
Steps to leukocyte extravasation: Binding Hold TIGHT to CAMera: LFA-1 binds to ICAM-1 on vessel
Steps to leukocyte extravasation: Diapedesis movement between blood vessels mediated by PECAM-1
In metastasis, cadherin, laminin, integrin receptors up or down? cadherin: down; laminin, integrin receptors: up
abnormal growth with loss of cellular orientation, shape and size in comparison to normal tissue maturation; reversible/irreversible? Dysplasia; reversible
Abnormal cells lacking differentiation; like primitive cells of same tissue, often equated with undifferentiated malignant neoplasms. Reversible/irreversible? Anaplasia; irreversible
Fibrous tissue formation in response to neoplasm. reversible/irreversible? Desmoplasia (irreversible)
Tissue elements growing a disorganized mass that resembles a neoplasm; focal malformation that is not malignant Harmartoma (tuberous sclerosis)
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