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Crucible Terms 44-64

providence the wisdom, care and guidance believed to be provided by God, good judgement & foresight
quail show fear or hesitation
qualm a doubt or bad feeling
quavering trembling
remorseless without compassion, relentless
reprieve the postponement of punishment
reprimand to rebuke someone for a wrongdoing, to scold
resentment ill feeling toward someone, usually as a result of insult
rile to irritate someone
scoff to express scorn about someone
slovenly not concerned with personal hygiene or tidiness
solemn showing sincerity or gloom
statute law enacted by legislature, establish rule
stench horrible smell
subservient eager to obey
tainted polluted, spoiled, corrupted
theology religious theory, teachings
transfixed made immobile from shock
trepidation fear or uneasiness about the future or about a future event
vestry room in a church where meetings are held
wrath fury or anger marked by a desire for revenge
Created by: Hellvalley