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Pharm test 1 drugs

Test 1 drugs- cholinergic, anticholinergic lilk8tob

bethanechol (Urecholine) general class: cholinergic
bethanechol (Urecholine)- direct or indirect acting: direct acting
bethanechol (Urecholine)- drug effect: increased bladder tone, increased motility
bethanechol (Urecholine)- uses treatment of nonobstructive urinary retention; GI retention
bethanechol (Urecholine) side effects: Not for use w/ hyperthyroidism, peptic ulcer, bronchial asthma, epilepsy
donepezil (Aricept)- general class: cholinergic
donepezil (Aricept)- direct or indirect: anticholinesterase (indirect acting)
donepezil (Aricept)- drug effect: increases levels of ACh in brain by preventing its breakdown
donepezil (Aricept)- uses: mild to moderate Alzheimer's
donepezil (Aricept)- SE avoid drugs w/ anticholinergic properties
physostigmine (Antilirium)- general class: cholinergic
hysostigmine (Antilirium)- direct or indirect: anticholinesterase (indirect acting)
hysostigmine (Antilirium)- drug effect: incrases ACh by inhibiting AChE; improves muscle strength
hysostigmine (Antilirium)- uses myastenia gravis, TCA overdose
hysostigmine (Antilirium)- SE: caution w/ epilepsy, bronchial asthma, bradycardia, hyperthyroidism, dysrhythmies, peptic ulcer
atropine- general class: cholinergic-blocking
atropine- natural/synthetic: naturally occurring anticholinergic
atropine- drug effect cholinergic blocking effects on heart and smooth muscles of bronchi & intestines
atropine- uses preop (reduces secretions), bradycardia
atropine- SE: angle-closure glaucoma, adhesions between iris &lens, some types of asthma, ulcerative colitis
dicyclomine (Bentyl)- general class: cholinergic-blocking
dicyclomine (Bentyl)- natural/synthetic synthetic anticholinergic
dicyclomine (Bentyl)- drug effect antispasmodic cholinergic blocker
dicyclomine (Bentyl)- uses functional disturbances of GI motility *IBS*, infant colic
dicyclomine (Bentyl)- SE GI obstruction, myasthenia gravis, narrow-angle glaucoma
scopalamine (Transderm Scop)- general class cholinergic-blocking
scopalamine (Transderm Scop)- natural/synthetic naturally occurring anticholinergic
scopalamine (Transderm Scop)- drug effect corrects the imbalance between ACh and NE in the brain (especially the vomit center)
scopalamine (Transderm Scop)- uses motion sickness, preop for control of secretions
albuterol (Ventolin)- general class adrenergic
albuterol (Ventolin)- category selective beta2 adrenergic
albuterol (Ventolin)- drug effect bronchodilator
albuterol (Ventolin)- uses asthma
epinephrine (Adrenalin)- general class adrenergic
epinephrine (Adrenalin)- category nat. occurring catecholamine, produced by adrenal medulla; mixed alpha & beta
epinephrine (Adrenalin)- drug effect vasoconstriction, increased BP, cardiac stimulation, dilation of bronchioles
epinephrine (Adrenalin)- uses acute asthma attack, anaphylaxis, restore cardiac rhythm in cardiac arest, nasal decongestant
epinephrine (Adrenalin)- SE not for: narrow-angle glaucoma, shock from trauma, coronary insufficiency, labor
pseudoephedrine (Afrin)- general class adrenergic
pseudoephedrine (Afrin)- category natural plant alkaloid
pseudoephedrine (Afrin)- drug effect decongestant (nasal), orally administered
pseudoephedrine (Afrin)- uses congested nose
pseudoephedrine (Afrin)- SE ephedra is a component of certain OTC herbal dietary supplements, so it is unsafe to use both
dobutamine (Dobutrex)- general class adrenergic
dobutamine (Dobutrex)- category beta1-selective vasoactive adrenergic drug
dobutamine (Dobutrex)- drug effect increases cardiac output by increasing contractility (positive inotropy), whic ups SV; similar to dopamine
dobutamine (Dobutrex)- uses heart failure
phentolamine (Regitine)- general class adrenergic-blocking
phentolamine (Regitine)- alpha1/2/nonspecific alpha blocker
phentolamine (Regitine)- drug effect reduces peripheral vascular resistance
phentolamine (Regitine)- uses hypertension, pheochromocytoma, extravasation of vasopressors
phentolamine (Regitine)- SE those who have had an MI, coronary artery disease
prazosin (Minipress)- alpha1/2/nonspecific alpha1-adrenergic blocker
prazosin (Minipress)- drug effect relaxes & dilates the vasculature and smooth muscle around the prostate
prazosin (Minipress)- uses hypertension, urinary obstruction in men w/ BPH
prazosin (Minipress)- SE dramatically lowers BP, orthostatic hypotension
metaprolol (Lopressor)- general class adrenergic-blocking
metaprolol (Lopressor)- alpha/beta/1/2 beta1-blocker
metaprolol (Lopressor)- uses post-MI, hypertension, early MI
propranolol (Inderal)- general category adrenergic-blocking
propranolol (Inderal)- alpha/beta nonselective beta1 and beta2 blocker
propranolol (Inderal)- uses angina, hypertension, dysrhythmias, post-MI, migraine, tremor, pheochromocytoma
propranolol (Inderal)- SE bronchial asthma, bradycardia, Raynaud's disease
sotalol (Betapace)- general class adrenergic-blocking
sotalol (Betapace)- alpha/beta nonselective beta blocker
sotalol (Betapace)- uses difficult-to-treat dysrhythmias
Created by: lilk8tob



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