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Pharm- T1


Aminoglycosides: Gentamicin, Tobramycin, Streptomicin cause Ototoxicity
Metabolism -> increased elimination
Glutathione S-transferases play a role in chemo tx efficacy
3rd gen Ceftriaxone least affected by renal insufficiency
Ceftriaxone does not tx Gr+ cocci
Streptogramins only tx Gr+ and some intracellular bacteria
Macrolides prevent translocation
Isoniazid resistant TB mutates Catalase
Sulfonamides contra-indicated in neonates ob neonatal bilirubin displacement
Nonlinear does dependent
AminoGlycosides have mult +charges, poor oral absorpt, no CNS penetration
tylenol toxicity Glutathione depletion
Tetracycline protein synthesis inhibitor, broad Gr+/-, spirochete
A-biotic antagonists Penicillin G + Tetracycline
Cipro AE cartilage and tendon damage
CYP450 catalyze oxidation reaction
CYP34A genetic differences not responsible for pt variation
Aztreonam Beta lactam with dec cross sensitivity in pt w/ penicillin allergy
Impinem sensitive to fewer Beta lactamases than Amoxicillin
Drug A [part coeff 0.7] v. Drug B [part coeff 4] Drug A will equilibrate and de-equilibrate faster than Drug B
MRSA and VRSA tx w/ Linezolid
EtOHic + TB cont tx and adjust dose even in hepatotoxicity
Ceftriaxone penetrate CNS and cover S. pneumo
target of Flutamide Receptor
Azithromycin tx kid with Lyme Dz
Caspofungin tx pt w/ AIDS + Fluconazole Resistant fungus
non compliant TB pt add ethionamide
Clindamycin tx strep resistant to M-lide and Pen
Terbinafine tx nail fungus w/ oral absorb
surg wound infection Impenim-Cilastin
cause of RF purine breakdown product from chemo tx
MRSA tx w/ Clindamycin
MRSA do not tx w/ Aztreonam, Pipercillin, Cephasporin
DNA modification Cyclophosphamide [pro-drug]
Anastrazole tx pt w/ active Estrogen R
Doxorubin reactive oxygen species
Kd [ ] at 1/2 R
5FU 1st line for colon CA, inhibit Pyrimidine synthesis, alter RNA
Carmustine DNA alkylator tx brain CA,cross-links DNA
Streptogramin only tx Gr+
AminoGlycosides are primarily Bactericidal
Low urine pH leads to increased excretion of bases
Leads to increased excretion of bases Low urine pH
Depolarize Gr+ as MOA Daptomycin
Tx Strep multi-resistant Clindamycin
Narcotic OD ob CYP3A4 inhibition
Created by: mcafej02