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ch 16 communications

What is subjective information information the is provided or described by the patient
What is objective information Information that includes measurable information that you observe or record.
what is the first stage of ems response notification
where are mobile devices or radios located in the vehicle
where are portable devices located in your hand
What does ARPSC stand for Amateur radio public service corps
What CB channel is reserved for emergency communications 9
What are Hertz cycles per second
what are kilohertz 1,000 cycles per second
what are megahertz 1 million cycles per second
what are gigahertz 1 billion cycles per second
which frequency band is capable of farther transmitting. UHF or VHF VHF. May have a range of up tp 2000 miles
when multiple agencies or systems share frequencies this is known as trunking
The capability of measuring vital life signs and transmitting them to a distant terminal. this is called Biotelemetry
how much power does a cell phone operate on 3 watts or less
in a ________ system, portable units can transmit only in one mode (voice or telemetry) or receive (voice) at any given time Simplex
A network that uses two different frequencies at the same time, to permit simultaneous transmission and reception is a _________ system duplex
when voice and telemetry can be transmited at the same time this is on what system multiplex
a base station uses how much power to transmit 45-275w
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