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Schrift - TAKS voc.

Schrift - General Testing Vocabluary

determine decide
method way of doing something
supported by gives proof
accurate correct
requires needs
formation / form to make, to build
conserve / conservation to save, to use wisely,to go easy on
resource something we use
source where something comes from
moisture wet
humidity / humid lots of water vapor in the air and warm or hot temperatures
rotation / rotate turn, spin; = 1 day
revolution / revolve one object moving around another; = 1 year, 12 months, or 365 days
What causes Tides? the gravitational pull of the moon
How often do ocean tides on the Texas beach occurd? a high and low one twice daily.
What causes the seasons? the tilt of the earth on it's axis
what causes our days? one rotation of the earth on its axis
What causes our years? one revolution of the earth around the sun
what is the lunar cycle called? phases of the moon
What is the sedimentary rock cycle? (Show the hand motions) rock, weathering- breaking apart of rock, Erosion-moving of rock &soil, depposition-dropping of rock & sediment, layers, preasure & cementing, new sedimentary rock.
Created by: kschrift