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1st triterm caroline 1-16

Half of all the magnesium in the body is stored where in the bones
What is the second most abundent intracellular cation magnesium
What is the most abundant intracellular cation potassium
If a disease comes from an unknown origin it is known as idiopathic
In 1966 the national academy of science and the national research council released what a white paper entitled accidental death and dissability
Who was the father of paramedicine Dr. Nagel
When was the first national standard curriculum for paramedics developed, and by who 1977 by the US DOT
when did the first ambulance come about 1790
In ems our scope of practice is developed based on what research
What kind of stress motivates an individual to achieve eustress (positive stress)
What is is called when someone attributes their own feelings, motives, desires, or behavior to others projection
If an electrolyte has an overall positive charge it is said to be a cation
If an electrolyte has an overall negative charge it is said to be a anion
what cation is most common in the body sodium
what cation regulates water throughout the body sodium
Name the major differences between a scheduale I and a scheduale II narcotic a scheduale I has a higher abuse potential and has no acceptable medical use
Ems drug delivery is done through what nervouse system autonomic
What nervous system is particularly vulnerable to the administration of prehospital drugs ANS
What are the six rights of medication administration the right dose,patient,medication, route, time, documentation and reporting
Alpha 1 receptor stimulation produces what effects peripheral vasoconstriction, mild bronchoconstriction, and speed metabolism
Alpha 2 receptor stimulation produces what effects control release of norepinephrine
Beta 1 receptor stimulation produces what effects increased HR, increased force of contraction, and increased conduction velocity
Beta 2 receptor stimulation produces what effects Vasodilation and bronchodilation
A positive Inotropic effect results in increased FOC
A positive Dronotropic effect results in Increased conduction velocity
A positive Chronotropic effect results in Increased HR
patients 41-60 are succeptible to what acute immunosuppression
In a baby that is teething what are a couple things you could expect. Fever, crying, irratability.
When a baby receives immunities from it's mother this is known as what Passive immunity
By the age of 3-4 years most babies can what use and understand full sentences
Following an optimal inspiration, the amount of air that can be forced from the lungs in a single exhalation is called the functional reserve capacity
the upper airway consists of all the anatomic airway structures above the level of the ____________ vocal cords
A decreased level of Pao2 causes you to take a breath. this is called your what hypoxic drive
a deficiency of red blood cells that result in a chronically decreased ability of the blood to carry oxygern, is called Anemia
What is the formula to figure minute alveolar volume tidal volume minus dead space volume (150 on average) x the respiratory rate.
Laryngospasm is defined as a spasmodic closure of the vocal cords
what chemical decreases surface tension on the alveolar walls and keeps them expanded surfactant
when blood bypasses the alveoli and returns unoxygenated to the left side of the heart, we call this intrapulmonary shunting
what is the name of the protective mechanism that terminates inhalation, thus preventing overexpansion of the lungs. This mechanism causes you to cough Hering-breuer reflex
A decreased loc can indicates lower blood flow to the brain
eye-to-eye contact indicates what honesty and concern
A patient experiancing orthopnea is experiancing what difficulty breathing while laying down
JVD is an indication of what right sided heart failure
S1 represents the closure of what the mitral and tricuspid valves at the start of systole
What is the lowest portion of the pharynx laryngopharynx
what opens into the larynex anteriorly and the esophagus posteriorly laryngopharynx
what cavities are formed from cranial bones sinuses
what do you call tha anatomic space or pocket located between the base of the tongue and the epiglottis vallecula
How many cervical bones are there 7
How many thoracic bones are there 12
How many lumbar bones are there 5
How many sacrum bones are there 5
How many cocyx bones are there 4
the percentage of oxygen in inhaled air is known as fraction of inspired oxygen
what is positive pressure ventilation forcing air into the lungs
what is the partial pressure of oxygen the amount of dissolved oxygen floating in the plasma not bound to hemaglobin
What is the function of the lower airway to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide
Being empathetic means to feel what the patient is feeling
what is a protocol a treatment plan for a specific illnes or injury
what is the result of most ems lawsuits ambulance collisions
When you make a false statement in writting that harms a persons good name is called libel
what is the order of response to illness or injury fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and confusion
an organ is composed of what various different types of tissue
a molecule that binds to any receptor, anywhere, leading to any reaction is what a ligand
an endogenous ligand means what a molecule produced by the body
exogenous ligand is what a molecule that is given as a drug
a discipline within ethics that discusses and debates the health care of human beings. bioethics
patient autonomy means a patient has the right to direct their care and to decide how they want their end of life medical care provided to them.
a written order regaurding when resuscitation is to be started and when not to is called a dnr
leading cause of unintentional deaths is MVA
the volume of air that is inhaled or exhaled during a single respiratory cycle tidal volume
a decrease in arteriol oxygen levels hypoxemia
What is intermittent claudication a cramp like pain in the lower extremities
what type of lung sound might you expect in a patient with pneumonia congested
If a patient has a clenched jaw then what nerve is still intact trigeminal nerve
what are primitive reflexes reflexes that originate in the central nervous system that are exhibited by normal infants. i.e. moro reflex, rooting reflex, palmar grasp, sucking reflex
To properly fit a bp cuff it should take up how much of the upper arm one half to two thirds
injected conjunctiva are what color red
pain affecting our soft organs and body tissues is known as what type of pain visceral pain
the measurment of the force exerted against the walls of the blood vessels is known as the blood pressure
Blood pressure is the product of what cardiac output and peripheral vascular resistance
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