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Lesson 4

Negative Request, Invitation, Suggestion & Ability

Please don't close the door. ドアを閉め(しめ)ないでください。
Pleas don't forget this password. Please memorise it. このパスワドを 忘れないでください。覚えてください。
Please don't start the meeting yet. I'll come now. まだ 会議を始めないでください。今 行きます。
Please don't laugh. I am embarrassed. 笑(わら)わないでください。恥(は)ずかしです。
Please don't go home until 6 o'clock. 六時まで うちに 帰らないでください。
Please don't worry. I am alright. 心配しないでください。私は大丈夫です。
Please don't quit. Hang in there. やめないでください。頑張ってください。
Why don't we go to a movie together? 一緒に 映画に 行きませんか?
Why don't we eat dinner together? 一緒に 晩御飯を 食べませんか?
Why don't we order dessert? でゼットを 注文しませんか?・しない?
Why don't we make the check separate? お勘定を別々に しませんか?
Won't you come to my house tomorrow afternoon? 明日 午後 私のうちに 来ませんか?
Won't you drink tea with me? 私と お茶を 飲ませんか?飲まない?
Why don't we take a coffee break for 10 minutes? 休憩を10分 とりませんか?取らない?
Why don't we play tennis/golf this weekend? この週末 tennis/golf をやりませんか?
Why don't we discuss this matter in my office? 私のofficeで この問題を相談しませんか?
Why don't we attend Mr.Honda birthday party? 本田さんの誕生日partyに 出ませんか?
Why don't we buy six tickets? 切符を6枚 買いませんか?
Let's dance. Shall we dance? 踊りましょう。踊ろうよ。踊りましょうか?
Let's go to lunch? Shall we go to lunch? Lunchに行きましょう。Lunchに行きましょうか?そう しましょう。
Let's start our work. Shall we start our work? 私達仕事を始めましょう。私達仕事を始めましょうか?
Let's invite Mr. Ozaki. Shall we invite Mr. Ozaki? 尾崎さん 招待しましょう。尾崎さん 招待しましょうか?
Let's reserve four seats at 6 o'clock. 六時に 席を四つ 予約しましょう。
Let's take the subway. 地下鉄に 乗りましょう。
Let's enter this restaurant, shall we?
Let's take our picture. Let's do so.
Let's drink beer in Alaska, shall we?
Let's meet on Monday next week?
Let's postpone the meeting until Friday, shall we?
Can I exchange this?
Can I try this on?
Can I reserve a table for 4 people at 6 o'clock this evening?
Can you postpone tomorrow meeting to Thursday?
My son can program a computer on his own.
She cannot control her children.
<Don't bother other people> I can deliver.
Don't worry, I can repair this.
My assistant can arrange the reservation.
Headquarter can design the layout.
My uncle can guarantee payment.
Created by: Jack_Chuah



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