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Mo ghrá sa SFC

Na heocharfhocail

mocking ag magadh faoi
the old love poems na seandánta grá
based on bunaithe ar
Shakepeare's sonnet soinéad Shakespeare
not a common poem ní dán coitianta é
brackets lúibíní
comparison comparáid
nature nadúr/dúlra
especially go háirithe
the sun an ghrian
flowers bláthanna
different modern description cur síos difriúl nua aimseartha
as lovely as chomh álainn le
attractive tarraingteach
handsome dathúil
normal man gnáthfhear
daisies nóiníní
relationship gaol
dead in his grave marbh ina uaigh
satire aoir
funny greannmhar
his ears a chluasa
his eyes a shúile
too close together róchóngarach dá chéile
his hair a ghruaig
like barbed wire cosúile le sreang dheilgneach
material things rudaí ábharach
personality pearsantacht
more important níos tábhachtaí
good mood dea-ghiúmar
necessities rudaí riachtanacha
life's luxuries sónna an tsaoil
physical appearance cuma fisiciúil
the emphasis an bhéim
insulting maslach
light mocking magadh éadrom
women's rights cearta na mban
faults/flaws lochtanna
exaggerated áibhéalach
the opposite a mhalairt
negative diúltach
instead of seachas
Created by: Ms O' C



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