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Medical Terminology

Unit 9 - Nervous System - Word Building Assignment

herniation of meninges through spinal defect meningocele
destruction of portion of the thalamus thalamotomy
pertaining to blood vessesl of the brain cerebrovascular
suture of spinal cord wound myelorrhaphy
chemistry of the nervous system neurochemistry
inflammation of brain and spinal cord encephalomyelitis
paralysis of all four extremities quadriplegia
absense of pain analgesia
measurement of intraocular tension tonometry
excision of a ganglion ganglionectomy
speech impairment due to brain lesion dysphasia
radiography of cerebral ventricles ventriculogram
chronic fatigue weakness neurasthenia
temporary attack of mental inertia paralepsy (seziure)
tumor arising from meninges meningioma
increased muscular movement hyperkinesia
loss of sensation anesthesia
paralysis of one side of the body hemiparesis
tool to crush a fetal skull during delivery cranioclast
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