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Which imaging procedure does an x-ray tube rotate rapidly around the patient? CT
The quantity of photons in an x-ray beam is directly proportional to _____. Tube current
Destructive pathologies include which of the following? A. Pleural effusion B. Atelectasis C. Edema D. Necrosis Necrosis
A quality radiograph taken at 100cm using 20 mAs could be replicated at 50 cm using how many mAs? 5 mAs
What is an advantage of using a photostimulatable phosphor plate over conventional x-ray image production? Postprocessing manipulation of density and contrast.
Therapeutically, x-rays in the 40 to 300 kVp range are used for... Treatment of skin cancers and other superficial tumors. And planning the patients treatment with a simulator.
Three dimensional imaging using voxels is present in... MRI and CT
Additive pathologies affect tissue density such that the affected anatomy may appear ____ on the radiograph. Lighter than normal
Who is the discovery of X-ray credited to? Roentgen
Interactions at he anode that produce x-rays may be described as... Bremsstrahlung or characteristic radiation
Because of the mobility of the prostate, which imaging modality is often used at the time of treatment to identify the position. US
Image fusion as used in the production of PET images maybe use together the PET images with the images of what other imaging modality? CT
Attenuation is the process by which an x-ray beam ____ Is reduced in intensity
What describes the predominant x-ray interaction in the diagnostic range? Compton scatter
What imaging receptor does not use light in capturing the latent image? Flat panel detectors. FPD
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