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ELA Vocab Test

denotation the literal or primary meaning of a word
connotation an idea or feeling that a word invokes
derogatory tending to lessen the merit or reputation of a person or thing
earnest serious in intention, purpose, or effort
facetious not meant to be taken seriously or literally; humorous
impartial not partial or biased; fair; just
jovial endowed with or characterized by a hearty; joyous humor a spirit of good fellowship
malicious desiring to harm others or to see others suffer; ill-willed; spiteful
nonchalant cooly unconcerned, indifferent, unexcited; casual
taunting to reproach in a mocking insulting manner
vexed irritated; annoyed
vibrant moving to and fro rapidly; full of energy and enthusiasm
resonate when something has a great effect or impact
despondent someone who feels a loss of hope or confidence
whimsical given to over-imaginative and unrealistic notions; capricious
belligerent characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings
bewildered completely puzzled or confused; perplexed
ecstatic subjet to or in a state of an overwhelming feeling of great happiness
effusive expressing feelings of gratitude, pleasure, or approval in an unrestrained or heartfelt manner
benevolent characterized by or expressing goodwill kindly feelings
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