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Chap 14 Test.

Blood is a __________ tissue type? connective
List two functions of blood. 1. transports vital substances.2. distributes heat
Name three types of cells found in the blood? (scientific name) 1.Erythrocyte2. Leukocyte3. Thrombocyte
where are the blood cells produced in the body? Red Bone Marrow
Erythro means? red
leuko means? white
Thrombo means? to clot
Why arent thrombocytes considered to be true cells? Because they are cell fragments
an avg. sized human has how many liters of blood in there body? 5 liters
____% of a persons body weight is their blood? 8
Name two situations which cause a person's blood volume to vary. 1. weight; body size2. fluid concentration
_____% of the blood is plasma 55
____% of blood is RBC's 45
_____% is WBC and platelets 17
shape of RBC's? biconcave discs
Why is the shape of RBC functionally important? readily sqeeze through capillaries
Why is it advantageous that RBC lack mitochondria mitochondria doesnt steal oxygen
what does a persons RBC count really show their blood oxygen carrying capacity
Name two organs associated with the production of erythroprotein liver and kidney
what condition must the body be entering in order for the production of erythropoietin to be stimulated low blood oxygen
life span of RBC 120 days
where are dead RBC's destroyed and the hemoglobin essentially recycled? spleen and liver
why does the iron found in the hemoglobin of dead RBC's return to the red bone marrow? To be reused.
List 6 types of anemia 1. Sickle Cell2. Aplastic3. Iron Deficency 4. Hemolytic5. thalassemia6. Pernicious
_____ anemia is caused by a defective usually in through with Greek ancestry? thalassemia
___ anemia is due to damaged bone marrow? aplastic
an excess of immature RBC can cause what type of anemia pernicious anemia
A high number of destroyed RBCs will cause what type of anemia hemolotic anemia
A diet low in iron many cause iron defiency anemia
abnormally shaped RBC's are the defect of? Sickle cell anemia
___ and ____ are two groups of WBC types granulocytes and agranulocytes
granulocytes (List 3) 1. neutrophils2. esinophils3. basophils
agranulocytes (List 2) 1. lymphocytes2. monocytes
_____ defend against parasitic worms and help moderate allergic reactions. esinophils
_____ are the first WBCs to fight an infection. Neutrophils
_____ release heparin and histamine basophils
fuction of heparin prevents blood clots
function of histamine dialates blood vessles
T and B cells are ____ types of angranulocytes lymphocytes
Antibodies are produced by ___cells. B
Large agranulocytes that phagocytize bacteria are called monocytes
WBC's squeeze through capillaries to get to the site of infection via a process called diapadesis
the act of WBC's moving towards a chemical released by damaged tissue is called positive chemotaxis
a high WBC count is condition called leukocytosis
a low WBC count is condition called leukopenia
2 conditions that cause leukopenia measles and chicken pox
list condition that might cause leukocytosis acute infections
what is adefferential WBC count diagnose particular disease
why is it important to take a differential WBC count to compare the different WBC counts to locate infection
function of RBC carry oxygen
function of WBC fight infection
function of platelets help control blood loss frm broken vessels; form blood clot
____% of plasma is water. 92
2 major blood gases Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
3 nutrients found in the blood sugars, lipids, and amino acids
that watse product of catabolism of protien is urea
name 4 electrolytes found in the blood plasma 1. sodium2. chloride3. calcium4. magnesium
the stoppage of bleeding is called blood coagulation
3 states of hemostasis 1. blood vessel spasm2. platelet plug formation3. coagulation
___ is the final substance produced in blood coagulation fibrin
___ is the sub. that digests blood clots plasmin
the chemical released by platelets that promotes the healing of the blood vessels is called platelet- derived growth factor
a blood clot moving throughout the body is emblous
abnormal blood clot is known as thrombus
4 blood types a,b,ab,o
blood is universal donor o
most common o
least common ab
universal recipiant ab
____% of ppl are RH postive 85
two forms of leukemia myeloid leukemia and lymphoid leukemia
why are leukemia patients susceptible to infection? too many WBC to fight off infection
why would leukemia patient become anemia RBC count goes down
why does leukemia often cause person to bleed too many cells are together and they soon start to split
one difference two types of leukemia myeloid- bone marrow too many immature granulocyteslymphoid- cancerous
Created by: Mollie28