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Path T4 M/c


m/c AML Drugs
m/c child/adol CA ALL
m/c 25-60 CA CML
M/c in adults >50yo MDS
m/c Caribbean & Japan HTLV
m/c Asia, SA EBV nasopharyngeal lymphoma
M/c 1* malignant tumor of bone Mult Myeloma
m/c ca in ♂, old, AA>Cauc, US>Asia PROSTATIC ADENOCARCINOMA
M/c pure GCT Seminoma
m/c ≤3yo, ↑AFP YST (lace-like pattern
M/c sites: ovaries/FT’s, uterine lig, rectovag sep, pelvic peritoneum ENDOMETRIOSIS
M/c ovarian malignancy in girls, <35yo GCT
M/c breast, GI BrCA, GI
(m/c) ENDOMETRIAL CARCINOMA Endometrioid adeno-ca
M/c Benign ENDOMETRIAL TUMORS endometrial stromal nodule
m/c condition of ♀ br FIBROCYSTIC CHANGES
m/c benign tumor of br Fibroadenoma
m/c invasive brCA Infil duct ca
m/c Lymphatic spread of BrCA nodes of axilla & internal mammary a
m/c IV. INVASIVE CERVICAL CANCER large cell nonkeratinizing SCC
m/c - Metachromatic leukodystrophy late infantile form
M/c urea cycle d/o Ornithine transcarbamylase def: X-linked Dom
M/c affected: Irish, Scottish PKU
M/c affected: N European MCADD
M/c from 21-OHase def; ↑Italian Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
M/c MR Trisomy 21: 1/700
m/c cause of hypogonadism in ♂ 47, XXY (KLINEFELTER)
M/c inherited cause of MR FRAGILE X SYNDROME: 1/4k-M, 1/8k-F
m/c, most severe LHON G11778A
Created by: mcafej02