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Chapters 1,2,and 3

cordillera region of parallel mountain ranges
timberline at the elevation where the climate is too cold for trees to grow
contiguous connected too
Continental Divide imaginary line in the Rocky Mountains that separates eastward and westward flowing rivers
irrigation process where water is supplied to dry land
chinook dry wind that blows during the winter
ethanol plant based fuel
national parks large areas set aside with great natural beauty
nomadic always on the move
pueblos Spanish towns or villages
missions church based communities led by Catholic priests were meant to house native people
frontier region just beyond or at the edge of a settled area
Manifest Destiny belief that United States had the right to expand its boarders to the Pacific Ocean
annexed took control of
extinct disappeared from Earth
reservations lands set aside for Native Americans to live on
Mormons members of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints
Dust Bowl strong winds carried dry soil to other areas,covering them with dust
topsoil fertile layer of soil that crops depend on to grow
agribuisness firms that rely on machines, advanced technology, and mass-production methods to farm large areas
aerospace industry that makes vehicles that travel in the air and in outer space
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