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Ch. 5 Lesson 2-3

Always on the move. nomatic
towns or villages in Spanish. pueblos
Catholic based communities in the west missions
a region just beyond the edgew of a settled area frontier
The idea that it was the right of Americans to expand the westward expansion to the Pacific OceaN Manifest Destiny
to declare ownership of an area annexed
a particular animal or plant that no longer exists extinct
an area of land that has been sat aside for Native Americans reservations
a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints Mormons
the southern Great Plains during the severe drought of the 1930's Dust Bowl
the fertile soil that crops depend on to grow topsoil
an industry based on huge farms that rely on machines and mass-production agribusiness
the industry that makes vehicles that travel in the air or on the ground aerospace
Created by: avery.snow