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Cell Unit - microscopes, cell theory, cell structure, cell comparison

What is the smallest uni t of life? cell
What substance makes up 75% of the volume of cells? water
When viewing a cell, which toll would you use to identify specific parts of a cell? microscope
Who named the cell? Hooke
What cell organelle is a storage container? vacuole
What cell part is a tough, rigid outer covering that protects the cell and gives it shape? cell wall
The endoplasmic reticulum is called rough ER when it has what on it? ribosomes
What do we call the constantly moving gel-like mixture in a cell? cytoplasm
What is the membrane-surrounded component of a Eukaryotic cell that has specialized functions? organelle
What part of a cell is a flexible protective layer around all cells that helps regulate interactions between the cell and the environment? cell membrane
What organelle releases energy from food? mitochondria
What cell organelle controls the activity of the cell? nucleus
What organelle breaks down and recycles waste and worn out cell parts? lysosomes
What plant cell organelle converts carbon dioxide, sunlight and water into sugar during photosynthesis? chloroplast
What type of cells are plant and animal cells? Eukaryotic
What scientist led to the development of the cell theory? Hooke, Schleiden, Schwann, Virchow
Which cell structure could be called the packaging and shipping center of the cell? golgi
Plants, algae, fungi, and most bacteria are enclosed in a what? cell wall
What are long chains of molecules that make up many substances in cells? macromolecules
What type of cell has a nucleus? Eukaryotic
Which macromolecule contains hereditary material? nucleic acids
Why might a scientist choose to use a compound microscope rather than an electron microscope? to study living specimens
What are the 3 parts of the cell theory? 1. cell is the basic unit of life 2. all living things contain cells 3. cels come from pre-exisiting cells
What makes lipids good barriers? lipids
Which microscope could be used to study the movement of protists in water? compound
Which microscope passes electrons through a specimen? TEM
Which is an example of a prokaryotic cell? bacterium
Does DNA float in the cytoplasm of Eukaryotic cells? no
Are Eukaryotic cells typically larger than bacteria cells? yes
what is not found in an animal cell? cell wall and chloroplast
Which organelle is in charge of protein production? ribosomes
Which cell part controls what goes in and out of a cell? cell membrane
Be able to recognize all cell organelles by sight
Be able to compare the plant and animal cells and to recognize them by sight
Created by: michelle jenkins