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Midterm 2 Biochemistry

Lipids Hypdrophobic biomolecules with at lease one hydrophilic moiety.
What are some of the functions of lipids? Membrane components, energy storage, hormones, structure
Fatty acids Unbranched hydrocarbons with a carboxylate; zero or more unsaturations
T or F: Fatty acids are usually conjugated False
Why are fatty acid concentrations generally low? They can easily disrupt membranes.
Trans fatty acids are caused by ______. hydrogenation
______ fatty acids are more flexible. Saturated
T or F: Triacylglycerols are neutral lipids. True
T or F: Triacylglycerols are a mix of both saturated and unsaturated fatty acyl chains. True
Catabolism The breakdown of large to small molecules, releasing energy
The presence of _____ enable storage of triacylglycerides. bile salts
_______ are the primary component of membranes. Glycerophopholipids
Glycerophospholipids are categorized by what? Polar head group and fatty acyl chains
______ forms a kink in the fatty acyl chain of glycerophospholipids. Unsaturation
Plasmalogens A component of membranes but have an ether linkage rather than an ester linkage.
T or F: Sphingolipids are found in bacteria False
T or F: Sphingolipids are more hydrophobic than phospholipids. True
Gangliosides Surface markers for cell recognition and communication.
T or F: Isoprenoids are non fatty acid based. True
Steroids are derived from _______. cholesterol
Eicosanoids Oxygenated derivatives of C20 polyunsaturated fatty acids.
T or F: Eicosanoids are used in pain relievers. True
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