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MISD Earth/Climate

Physical Science Voc

The weather over a long period of time Climate
The gases surrounding the Earth Atmosphere
Rain, snow, sleet, hail and drizzle Precipitation
A device that measures wind direction Wind vane or wind sock
Can NOT be replaced. Once the are gone they are gone forever Non renewable resources
The dropping of sediments to a new location Deposition
Can be replaced in a short amount of time Renewable Resources or Alternative
The wearing away of sediments by wind, water, waves or ice Weathering
Tiny crumbs of rocks, soil, organisms and shells Sediments
The moving of sediments to a new location Erosion
Diamonds, oil, coal, silver and gold are examples of? Non renewable resources
A tool that measures wind speed Anemometer
Landslide, earthquake, forest fire are what kind of changes? Fast Changes
Fuels formed from the remains of prehistoric animals and plants Fossil fuels
Sticking together like glue Cementation
Another word for petroleum Oil
Made from swampy plants Coal
This kind of force breaks down land like an earthquake or landslide Destructive Force
Made from dead animals and plants Oil and natural gas
The pressing together of sediments Compaction
The wise use and protection of natural resources Conservation
A scientist that studies the weather Meteorologist
Tool that measures precipitation Rain gauge
The gradual gathering of rain or snow Accumulation
The day to day conditions of the atmosphere Weather
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