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Music Test 10/30/16

Music Test

A symphony consists of what families of instruments All of them, Strings, Brass, Drums, woodwinds
What is Chamber music Small ensemble, with one player per part
Name the instruments of the string quartet 2 violins, 1 violin, 1 chello
Beethoven composed in what genres? Be specific, include numbers 9 symphonies, 1 opera
Haydn is best known for his vocal music. True or False? False, Father of symphonies
how many movements are in a symphony? Concerto Symphony - 4, Concerto-3
What type of concerto was favored in the 19th century? what are some of its characteristics? Solo Concerto, 3 movements, Piano & Violin
What is a cadenza an improvised solo passage w/ orchestra remains silent while soloist "shows off"
Name at least three genres that mozart composed in. All of them, Opera, String cortet, symphony
What is opera buffa? Comic relief
What is opera serial? Serious Tragic
What elements are found in opera? List three opera composers of the Romantic era? Costumes, Drama, Props, scenery, lots of people. Composers - Verdi, Richard Wagner, Puccini
What is a art song (the lied)? Who composed these? German poem, solo voice and piano - shubert
What is a song cycle? who composed theses? Set of related art song unified by theme, Schumann
Was piano music important in the 19th century? YES!!
Name at least two composers of the 19th Century piano music and the country of their origin? Chopin - Polland Gottschalk - America
What is nationalism? Name a composer and a piece of music that is an example of nationalism? Having pride in their homeland, Grieg-Peer Gynt
What is program music? Give an example Pictorial - Symphony Fantastique
How did ballet change in the 19th century? Name a composer of ballet Changed to an independent art form - Tchaikovsky - Russian - Nutcracker
What is exoticism? Give an example. Musical style in which rhythms melodies or instruments evoke far off lands. Madame butterfly - Story of a Geshia
How is the Romantic Era different from the classical Era? Classical era - refined, conservative Romantic - Emotional, more feelings, shorter pieces, more more more
What is a music drama? Who composed these? Give and example of a music drama not sectional but continuous. Wagner's Operas - The Valkyrie (lord of the rings)
Absolute Music was no longer composed in the Romantic Era? True or False False - Because Brahms was composing absolute music
Why was Brahms and important composer of the Romantic Era? Continued composing Absolute music to express things beyond words
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