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000 Character Traits

Th act of being human

Character traits What people show by the way they act, do or behave. Character traits are also called "life skills"
Honesty Telling the truth no matter what consequences you may face. An honest person does what he/she says he/she is going to do and never lies, cheats or steals
Integrity The quality of being honest and fair, to be whole and complete
Courage To face danger of pain without showing fear
Humble Quite, gentle, meek, NOT thinking of you as someone better than the rest
Judgement Being able to compare choices to make the best decision
Tact Being able to work with others without causing unfriendliness
Justice Fairness. To make things fair, or right, for everyone
Tolerance Respect for beliefs and ideas that are different from yours
Knowledge The result of perception, learning and reasoning
Cooperation working together. Cooperation makes it easier to get things done
Unselfishness More caring for oneself than for others
Diligence Working hard and showing careful attention to get something done
Dependability To finish what we are asked or expected to do
Initiative To do what needs to be done without being asked to do it
Liberty Freedom. People who work for liberty want to be free from the control of others, they want to be independent
Freedom of conscience and expression The right to say what you think, even if others disagree
Respect for and acceptance of authority Agreeing to do what leaders ask, even if you disagree with them
Loyalty Bonding yourself to a course of action. To commit, to be true to a cause, task or belief
Determination To make up your mind about something and adhere (not change your mind easily) to it
Motivation The reason to act. The reason for your actions
Leadership The ability to guide and to inspire others
Endurance The ability to withstand hardship or stress, mental or physically
Idealist Someone guided by ideals more than by practical considerations (Dreamer, Romantic, Stargazer)
Materialism A desire for wealth and material possessions
Conviction Very strong belief in something without need for proof or evidence
Discipline To do what you know you have to do, even when you do not agree with it. Strong conviction helps us to be disciplined. Weak conviction helps us to give up our goals
Created by: Mindful_Pumpkin
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