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Chapter 7:1 A&P

What is another name for osteoprogenitor cells? stem cells
Where are they located? Endosteum, Periosteum, and Central Canal
What do osteoblasts synthesize? Organic matter
What do osteoblasts mature into? Osteocytes
Where do Osteoblasts live? Lacunae
What do Osteoblasts control? Blood concentration of Calcium and Phosphate
What do Osteoblasts sense on bones? Stress
Where do Osteoblasts develop? Red bone marrow
What is an Osteoid? Semi- solid ground substance
Are Osteoclasts small or large? Large
How many nuclei can Osteoclasts contain? Up to 50 nuclei
What does organic matter allow for? Tensile strength
How much of the matrix is organic matter? 1/3
What is organic matter synthesized by? Osteoblasts
What makes up organic matter? GAGS, proteoglycans, and collagen
How much of the matrix is inorganic matter? 2/3
What does inorganic matter allow for? Compressional strength
What does organic matter provide? Flexibility
Without enough inorganic matter, what happens? Bones become soft, Rickets (Calcium and Vit. D deficiency)
Without enough organic matter, what happens? Bones become brittle, Osteogenisus Imperfecta
What do osteoblasts secrete? Osteoids
During bone matrix formation, what deposits into the bone matrix? Hydroxyapatite Crystals
What ions precipitate out? Calcium and Phosphate
What do the crystals form around? Collagen fibers
What are the basic nutrients of bone matrix? Vit D, Vit C, Calcium, Phosphate, Collagen/Protein
During bone reabsorption, what releases into the extracellular space next to bone? Enzymes
Where are proteolytic enzymes released from? Lysosomes
What do the proteolytic enzymes digest? Collagen fibers
What does HCl dissolve? mineral parts
What frees up and enters the blood? Calcium and Phosphate
Where in spongy bones/long bones is bone marrow? Trabeculae
Where is red marrow located? Skull, Pelvis, Vertebrae, Sternum, Ribs
What is an autologus bone marrow transplant? Self-Transplant
What is inorganic matter composed of? Calcium, Phosphate Salt
What does inorganic matter provide? Strength
What is an allogenic bone marrow transplant? Transplant with someone else
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