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Travel 115 quiz 2

CITC Canadian Institute Of Travel Counsellors
ACTA Association of Canadian Travel Agents
CATO Canadian Association of Travel Organizations
TIAC Tourism Industry Association of Canada
ASTA American Society of Travel Agents
ARTA Association of Retail Travel Agents
ANTOR Association of National Tourist Organization Representatives
PATA Pacific Asia Travel Association
CTO Caribbean Travel Organization
VIC Visitor Information Centre
VFR Visit Family and Relitives
RNR Rest and Relaxation
OAG Official Airline Guide
TIM Travel Information Manual
TWOV Transit Without Visa
Why book with a travel agent? - Best value for travel dollar - Maximize choice - Consumer advocate - Convenient one stop shopping - Expert guidance - Personalized service - Professional advice - Time saving - Trust - Unbiased Information
What makes a good travel counsellor? - Client knowledge - Sales ability - Product knowledge - Administration
3 main purposes of trade association? 1. Protection 2. Promotion 3. Information
Canadian Trade associations - CITC - TIAC - ATCA - CATO
American Trade Associations - ASTA - ARTA
Other Trade Associations - ANTOR - PATA - CTO
Divisions of the CTC - Events - Membership - Publication - Education Standards
Step of certification 1. Enrol 2. Pass knowledge test 3. Occupational experience 4. Workplace performance evaluation 5. Maintain certificate
3 aspects of professionalism - honest - accuracy - ethics
4 sectors of ACTA code of ethics - relations between ACTA members and the public - relations between ACTA members - relations between certified members and employer - relations between certified members and ACTA
Continuing Education - FAM TRIP - become a CTC - Attend seminars / presentations - stay current
How can clients as guest support responsible travel? - open mind to other culture/ traditions - respect human rights - help preserve natural environment - respect cultural resources - trip can contribute to economics/ social development - familiarize yourself with the laws
Edmonton Tourism Drivers - consumer marketing - marketing / conventions team - Edmonton events - destination activation - travel Trade
Edmonton tourism Geomarkets ( 5) - china - U.K. - Netherlands - Germany - USA
General reason to travel (5) - to visit friends/ family - to experience new/ different cultures - RNR - to investigate spitball - to enjoy the thrills of adventures - to special personal item
Corporate travel characteristics - connection time - non- stop flights - internet - good accommodation - efficacy - cheap - location convenience - high level of customer service - short notice - itinerary changes - detailed reports
Corporate sales skills - product knowledge - ability to negotiate - efficient/ timely - flexibility - good listening skills - consistency - good questioning skills - ability to make changes
Push theory
Pull theory - why are you picking a particular destination - factors that attract a individuals to a specific destonation
Hierarchy of needs - physiological needs - safety and security needs - love and belongingness needs - self- esteem needs - self- actualization needs
Barrie's to travel - disposable income - security fears - leisure time - lack of desire - health issues - family commitments - view travel as a hassle
4 stages of effective listening 1. Listen 2. Interpret 3. Evaluate 4. Respond
Tips to effective listening - be prepared - take notes - be aware of body language - control/ eliminate distractions
Group characteristics - most useful for suppliers of travel products and services
Individual characteristics - useful for travel counsellors
Ways to categorize people - age, sex, income, occupation, mutual statue - ethic background, religious affections, location of residence, travel experience
6 section heading found in each section of the TIM (6) 1. Passport 2. Visa 3. Health 4. Airport taxes 5. Customs 6. Currency
4 major GDS systems 1. Galileo 2. Sabre 3. Worldspan 4. Amadeus
Examples of standard references 1. OAG 2. IATA ticketing manual 3. World atlas 4. TIM 5. European Rail timetables 6. CLIA cruise manual 7. Eurail Tariff 8. BSP manual
Sources of product knowledge (9) - standard references - supplier information - government/ tourist board information - computer systems - internet - FAM trips - presentations/ seminars - travel trade publication - client/ co workers
Created by: Cassieburt