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WES Little Analogies

Nucleus : Cell as __________ : Body Brain
Mendeleev : Periodic Table as __________ : Light bulb Edison
Copernicus : Sun as Aristotle : __________ Earth
Sum : Addition as __________ : Multiplication Product
Quotient : Division as __________ : Subtraction Difference
Mitochondria : Energy as ______________ : Storage Vacuole
H : Hydrogen as _____ : Gold Au
Ne : Neon as C : ___________ Carbon
Electron : negative as ______________ : Positive Proton
Neutron : Neutral as Electron : ____________ Negative
Salt : NaCl as Water : _________ H20
Salad : Mixture as Salt Water : _______________ Solution
Gold : Metal as Helium : __________________ Non-metal
Solid : Keeps it shape as _____________: Takes the shape of its container Liquid
Gas --> Liquid : Condensation as Liquid --> Solid : _________ Freezing
212 F : __________ as 32 F : Freezing Boiling
Maple tree : Plant as Mushroom : _________ Fungus
Lion : Animal as _____________ : Monera Bacteria
Human : Multicelled as Protist : Single celled
Snake : Vertebrate as Jellyfish : __________ Invertebrate
No backbone : Invertebrate as backbone : Vertebrate
> 2 factors : Composite as Exactly 2 factors : __________ Prime
21 : Composite as 19 : ____________ Prime
10 : composite as 0 : Neither
0,2,4,6,8 : even as 1,3 5, 7,9 : __________ odd
Not divisible by 2 : odd as divisible by 2 : even
Meter : length as __________ : volume liter
pound : customary as kilogram : ___________ metric
hydrogen : gas as ___________(Hg) : Liqud mercury
Created by: PRO Teacher lit123