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OB Antepartum

OB Exam 1

Increase may cause nausea in first trimester Estrogen
Contributes to milk duct development in second trimester Estrogen
Controls growth of uterine lining Estrogen
Causes lining of uterine wall to thicken Progesterone
Helps prepare for implantation Progesterone
Maintains pregnanct Progesterone
High levels in beginning hCG
Supports normal development of an egg hCG
LMP-3months+7day Nagele's Rule
Measurement of from pubic symphisis to fundus McDonald's Maneuver
What's the rule for growth? 1 cm/week
Amenhorrhea Presumptive
Nausea/vomiting Presumptive
Breast/skin changes Presumptive
Urinary frequency Presumptive
Fatigue Presumptive
Abdominal enlargement Probable
Chadwick Sign Probable
Chadwick Sign blue/purple-ish cervix
Goodell Sign Probable
Goodell Sign softening of cervix
Hegar Sign Probable
Hegar Sign lower uterine softening
Ballottment Probable
Ballottment floats up and down
Fetal outline Probable
Home Pregnancy test Probable
Braxton-Hicks contractions Probable
Fetal Heart Sounds Positive
Fetal movement (16 wks) felt by examiner Positive
Visual of fetus via ultra sound Positive
sperm+egg = zygote Fertilization
zygote implants where fallopian tube on outer third
3 days post conception = morula which becomes a blastocyte
first 14 days pre-embryonic
fetal heart rate at how many days? 18 days
Gravida number of pregnancies
Term number of pregnancies to 37 weeks
Preterm number of pregnancies from 20 weeks to 36 weeks and 6 days
Abortions spontaneous or induced before 20 weeks
Living number of living children
Para number of live births
Umbilical cord: vein carries O2 blood
Umbilical cord: artery carried deO2 blood
Wharton's jelly white protective coating
Veins/Arteries 2/1
Fxn of amniotic fluid protection, cushion for UC, movement, regulate temperature, buffer system
Easiest, cheapest form of infertility treatment chlomid
fxn of chlomid increases FSH levels; may release more eggs than desired
GIFT gamete intrafallopian transfer
GIFT sperm+egg into fallopian tube
ZIFT fertilized intrafallopian transfer
ZIFT zygote inserted
IVF invitro fertilization
IVF petri dish baby
fraternal twins dizygotic; 2 eggs + 2 sperm
identical twins monozygotic; 1 egg+1 sperm/2; same sex
Created by: ashbee