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top 30 vocab

its the vocab

collaborate work together
essential needed must have it
agile can move easily and quikly
barren unable to produce
brackish not enjoyable edible salty food/water
cumbersome hard to handle due to weight or awkward size
cordial freindly personility
dismal gloomy looking: causing unhappiness
forlorn sad or lonely looking
morose extremely sad
lucid clear, easy to understand loom
whittle to carve, mainly wood
dawdle messing around and wasting time
relic ancient object
flabbergasted suprised
meander wandering around aimlessly
impore to humble a request
meticulous a very near perfect object
murky dark and gloomy
loom about to happen
myriad an unknown amount of an object
opaque not transparent
portly heavy of body
skirt(verb) to go around a thing
wary very cautious
pertinent relebeant (it matters right now)
serene calm and peaceful
vivacious active, fun of life, lively
specter ghost or spirit
ornate fancy and decoratrated (think fancy ornament
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