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Medical Terminology

Oral Exam - abbreviations and definitions

pt patient
RLE right lower extremity (Right Leg)
edema swelling , swollen
ambulation the activity of walking
DVT deep vein thrombosis ( blood clot)
HX history
polyuria excess urine secretion
hematuria bold in urine
urinary incontinence inability to control urine release
bout occurrence
malaise (meh-lays) illness, discomfort
SOB shortness of breath
dyspnea (disp-knee-ah) shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
syncope ( sink-oh-pee) fainting; loss of consciousness due to insufficient blood flow to the brain
glenohumeral glenoid cavity and humerus; shoulder joint socket
arthroscopy (arth - ross - copy) examination of a joint with arthroscope
RO rule out
labral Cartilage that lines and reinforces the ball and socket joint of the shoulder
unremarkable within normal limits
FH family history
ca cancer
oncologist specialist in oncology who treats cancer
ulcerating lesion lesion eroding away or mucous membrane. ( open wound)
metastases development of secondary malignant growth at a distance from primary site of cancer
axilla armpit
sclerotomy inscison; surgical incision of the sclera
retinal detachment retina becomes separate from underlying tissues in the eye
retinitis inflammation of the retina
NKA No Known Allergies
NSAIDs Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
q4h every 4 hours
po post operative
acute severe
cholecystitis (Kole - eh - cyst - it is) inflamed gall bladder (swelling or irritated) Caused by gallstone that blocks the cystic duct, the tube through which bile travels into and out of the gallbladder. When a stone blocks this duct, bile builds up, causing irritation and pressure in the
f/u follow up
Dx diagnosis
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
NPO nothing by mouth
nasogastric intubation insertion of plastic tube through nose, past throat into the stomach
aspiration choking; breathing in
paralysis Loss of muscle function in part of your body. Loss of strength of limb or muscle group - caused by damage in central nervous system/spinal cord
RUE Right Upper Extremity (Right Arm)
RLE Right Lower Extremity (Right Leg)
aphasia ( ah - faze - ia) loss of words, unable to talk
CVA Cerebral Vascular Accident - Stroke
yo year old
acromegaly enlargement of limbs
hypersecretion excessive secretion
GH Growth Hormone
resection surgical- partial removal of organ or tissues
cystitis inflamed bladder; (UTI -bladder infection)
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