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HEI - Unit 2

Prepare for Unit 2 test by using this studystack

Ecosystem An area where plants and animals depend on one another for survival
Biome a large group of similar ecosystems.
Coniferous Forest Biome Taiga forest
wetlands biome swamps, bogs and marshlands
coral reef Biome occurs in warm water in the ocean
tundra biome a cold frozen land
deforestation cutting down and burning of forests?
tectonic movement causes volcanoes and earthquakes?
conservation using resources carefully to avoid waste
irrigation collecting water and distributing it to crops
natural forces Earthquakes, erosion, volcanoes are examples of what?
hurricanes storms that start in the Atlantic or eastern Pacific Ocean
typhoons storms that start in the western Pacific Ocean
cyclones storms that start in the Indian Ocean
erosion movement of rock by wind, water and ice
biodiversity the many different kinds of life on Earth
Mantle Layer of hot, dense rock surrounding the Earth's core
crust part of the earth that includes the continents
magma Melted rock that is called lava when it comes from a volcano
plate tectonics Explains how the continents move
Deciduous Forest A temperate forest where the leafs fall off during parts of the year
HEI How humans affect, depend and adapt to their environment
Physical Characteristics Climate, land forms, vegetation, and animal life.
Climate weather over a long period of time in a certain area
Tornadoes Storms that start over land that can have strong damaging winds
Tsunami Large wave caused by earthquake that happens in the ocean
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