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Herbs& Supplements

Cardiovascular Uses

What are possible choices for herbal treatment of Cardiovascular diseases? Name the herbs and supplements able to be used? Coenzyme Q10 - Garlic + Fish Oil + Horse Chestnut Seed Extract - Policosanol - Red Yeast Rice -
If you recommend ubiquinone, what advantage can it have in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy? Ubiquinone-> Increase in efficacy of chemotherapy agents
Why should patients not take garlic if they have a lily allergy? Garlic contains allicin which is part of the Lillicae(lily) family
Why would you use fish oil in relation to cardiovascular disease? It is known to ↓ triglycerides (A), hypertension (A), rheumatoid arthritis (A)
Give an adverse effect of fish oil Any or all of the following: fish burps, body odor, bad breath, GI upset ↑ Bleeding risk at doses > 4 grams per day
If a patient has liver dysfunction or consumes alcohol would you recommend red yeast rice to treat their hyperlipidemia It might depend but it is recommended to use with caution in patients with history of alcoholism and liver dysfunction
Created by: cokazeh1227