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Mandarin 2.6

Preferences and Spare Time

zhuōmò weekend
yǒukòng to have time; to be free
kàn diànyǐng movie, film
huì will
shǒuyìng to premiere
zánmen we
yīqǐ together
zhǔyì idea
kāishǐ to begin
yàobu otherwise
xiān first
Bìshèngkè Pizza Hut
bǐsà bǐng pizza
qǐng to invite; to treat; please
pèngtóu to meet
jùlèbù club
bèngdí to go to a disco
xǐhuān to like
ài to love
jīnwǎn tonight
lìdōu Lido
Dàwei Gàitǎ David Guetta
xiù show
shìjiè world
zuì most
yīdìng definite; certain
to hold
ménpiào tickets
àihào hobby
yùndòng sport
tèbié especially
bìqiú squash
wǎngquí tennis
liáotiān to chat
guàngjiē to windowshop
tiàowǔ to dance
shénme de etcetera
kàn shū to read
shū book
tīng yīnyuè listen to music
shàngwǎng surf on the internet
wán yóuxì jī play computer games
lánqiú basketball
zúqiú soccer
bàngqiú baseball
qiú ball
gāo'ěrfūqiú golf
zuì hǎo the best
zuì guì the most expensiüe
zuì xǐhuān to like the most
Nǐ zhège zhōumò yǒukòng ma? Do you have time this weekend?
Zánmen yīqǐ qù ba Let's go together
Hǎo zhǔyi Good idea
Jǐ diǎn kāishì? What time does it start?
xǐhuān to like; favorite
Wǒ qǐng nǐ It's on me
Wǒmen zài nǎr pèngtóu? Where shall we meet?
Nǐ yǒu shénme àihào? What hobbies do you have?
Nǐ xǐhuān qù jùlèbù ma? Do you like going to clubs?
Jīnwǎn zài lìdōu jùlèbù yǒu Dàwèi Gàitǎde xiù There is a show by David Guetta tonight at the Lido (club)
Nǐ bù zhīdào ma? Don't you know?
huān joy
kàn to watch
wǎng net
Created by: Kauffmeister
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