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Path- Eponyms T4-2

Leukemia, Lymphoma

Hairy and T ALL male preponderance in CA
HCL, CLL Not caused by Radiation
t9;22 CML Ph chr, som ALL
t15;17 Promyel AML M3, RARa, ATRA, DIC
t8;21 AML favorable
t8;14 B-ALL/Burkitt c-myc
t12;21 ALL
t4;11 ALL unfavorable
Acute 20% Blasts, B sx
MPO+ myeloid
Esterase+ monocytic
Auer rods AML
Splenomegaly CML
abl-bcr t9;22 Tyrosine kinase
>4000 periph Lcyte CLL, SLL
+Coombs, hypogammaglobulinemia CLL
Richter's transformation Large cell, CLL
M:F 4:1 HCL
Pancytopenia HCL
CD 103, CD22, TRAP+ HCL
blast count, ringed sideroblast, inc blasts<20% MDS
inc RBC, plethora, pruritis Polycythemia Vera
anemia, teardrop cell, marrow fibrosis Chronic Idiopathic myelofibrosis-> AML rarely
Lymphocytosis viral infection
Leukemoid rxn inc WBC ob infection, chemotx
Created by: mcafej02