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Mandarin 1.4 (imp.)


fàndiàn hotel
jiǔdiàn hotel
diàn establishment
yǒu to have
méi not have
jiǔ alcoholic beverage
jiǔbā bar
zài to be at; to be in
nǎr where
náli where
zuǒbiān left side
yòu right
zuǒ left
biān side
shàng up
xià down
Fàndiàn zai nǎr? Where is the hotel?
bāng to help
shì zhōngxīn city centre
chángchéng Great Wall
tiān'ānmén guāngchǎng Tian An Men square
huǒchēzhàn train station
jīchǎng airport
shāngchǎng shopping mall
xī'ěrdùn Hilton
jūnyuè dà Grand Hyatt
dài to take
wǎng to go (to); towards
zhèr here
nàr there
duì correct
méi wèntǐ no problem
le past tense indicator
shuō to say; to speak
tīngbùtǒng I don't understand
tīng to listen
dǒng to understand
míngbái to understand
huì can; be able to
wén language
yīdiǎn a little
de indicator of the way an action is performed
nǎlǐ not at all
qiānmíng to sign; signature
zài again
yībiàn one time
Duìbuqǐ, nín shuǒ shénme? I'm sorry, what are you saying?
Wǒ tīngbùdǒng I don't understand what you're saying
Wǒ bù míngbái I don't understand
Qǐng nín zài shuō yī biàn? Can you say it again please?
Qǐng nín màn yīdiǎn shuō Please speak more slowly
Náli Náli Not at all!
Nǐ huì shuō Yīngwén ma? Do you speak English?
Nín shuō shénme? What did you say?
Created by: Kauffmeister
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