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Lab Safety and Equipment

Safety goggles Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes in any activity involving chemicals,flames.......etc
Lab apron Wear a lab apron to protect skin and clothes from damage
Breakage Handle breakable matireals such as glassware with care do not touch when broken
Flames Before you work with flames tie all hair and clothes back follow teachers!
Poison Do not let poisonous chemicals get on skin or inhale its vapor. Wash hands afterwards
Fumes Work in a ventilated area when harmful vapors may be involved avoid inhaling. Use wafting method to observe odors.
Sharp object Scissors,staple,knives,needles,pins,and tacks can cut skin always point away from anyone and yourself
Plant safety Handle plants as directled from teachers wash hands afterwards tell if u have any allergies to any plants
Animal safety Treat live or preserved animals or parts with care to avoid harm to it or you. wash hands after working with animals
Disposal Dispose of chemicals or other lab materials safety follow teacher's directions
Beakers Hold and pours liquids
Triple-beam balance Balance scale with 3 beams and riders
Graduated cylinder Measures volume of liquid
Microscope Used to see objects that can't be seen without it
Thermometer Used to measure temperature
Unit of Measure for Mass Gram
Unit of Measure for Length Meter
Unit of Measure for Volume Liter
the amount of space that a substance or object occupies, or capacity Volume
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