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FMS 6th Ch 18


British Isles A group of islands off the northwestern coast of Europe including Britain and Ireland.
Scandinavia A region of islands and peninsulas in far northern Europe; includes the countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.
Fjord A narrow inlet of the seat set between high, rocky cliffs.
Geothermal energy Energy from the heat of Earth's interior.
North Atlantic Drift An ocean current that brings warm, moist air across the Atlantic Ocean.
constitutional monarchy A type of democracy in which a king or queen serves as head of state but a legislature makes the laws.
Magna Carta Limited the powers of kings.
disarm Give up all weapons
London The capital of the United Kingdom
Dublin The capital of Ireland.
Vikings Scandinavian warriors who raided Europe and the Mediterranean in the early Middle Ages.
Stockholm The capital of Sweden.
Neutral Chosen not to take sides in an international conflict.
Uninhabitable Not able to support human settlement
Oslo The capital of Norway.
Helsinki The capital of Finland
Geysers Springs that shoot hot water and steam into the air.
Created by: Stoll FMS