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tools and measure

science 1-4

technology the practical use of scientific information: the use of tools, machines, materials and processes to meet human needs
compound light microscope an instrument that magnifies small objects so that they can be seen easily by two or more lenses; items are placed on the stage so light passes through them
electron microscope microscopes that focus a beam of electrons to magnify objects; TEM and SEM
area the measure of the size of a surface; A=lxw and the answer is always written in square units
volume the measure of the size of a 3 dimensional space; v=l x w x h and is written in units cubed
mass the measure of the amount of matter in an object
temperature a measure of how hot or cold something is
International System of Units, SI, Systems International d'unites (French) The metric system;used by all scientists and almost every country in the world. Advantages:helps scientists share and compare their observations & results units are based on the number 10 which makes conversions from one unit to another easier
meter the basic unit in the metric system for measuring length
liter the basic unit in the metric system for measuring the volume of liquids
gram the basic unit in the metric system for measuring the amount of matter in an object
length a measure of height or width
tools that some life scientist use microscope , thermometer , measurement
electron microscope tiny particles called electrons are used to produce, the images are clearer and more detailed than those made by the compound light microscope,living things CANNOT be viewed under this type of microscope, the preparation process kills them, 2 types,trans
compound light microscope a common tool in a life science laboratory,an instrument that magnifies small objects so that they can be seen easily,3 main parts: a tube with 2or more lenses,a stage,and a light,items are placed on the stage so that the light passes through them,the len
why is it important to use the international system of units so we can share information with other countries and observation and results
scanning electron microscope [SEM] electrons bounce off the sufaces of the specimen and produce and 3-D image
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