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Rusting a nail physical or chemical change chemical
Blowing up a ballon physical or chemical change physical
what is difference between weight and mas weight how much gravity, mass how of it there is
What is matter something that has mass and takes up voulume
If i said that is red is that a physical or chemical propertie physical
If i said the water changed color by itself is that a physixal or chemical propertie Chemical
what is the difference between atom, element, compound,and mixture Atom-the basic particle which elements are made Element-A pure substance that cant be broken down Coumpound-two or more elements chemically combines Mixture-made of 2 or more substances that are together but not chemically combined
what is a solid liquid gas solid-a item where the molecules move slower and are scrunched together liquid- a fluid where the molecules move slower than gas but faster than solid and the molecules are barely moving around gas- the molecules move faster and are more spread apart.
Heteorgoneous and homogeonius mixture Het is where you can see the diffrent parts hom cant see the difftrent parts
Endo thermic and exothermic Endo thermic is when energy goes in and it gets hotter and exothermic is when energy goes out and it gets colder
what happens to the kinetic energy of and object getting colder;warmer the kinetic energy gets slower and when it gets warmer the kinetic energy gets faster
What are the 2 measurments that are used to caculate density Mass and voulume
If i mixed strawberries water and kool-aid. How could i separate them 1 strainer strawberries and water 2 evaporation water koolaid
What are the 6 state changes of matter freezing,melting,Sublimation, Deposition,condestation, vaporzation
Amorphous and crystalline solid a- if you break it shatters c- if you break it breaks into little pieces
Boyle's and charles law B=if the volume decreases the pressure increase C= has the item gets hotter the pressure increases
viscosity A liquids Resistance to flow/thickness
surface tension A pull on molecules in a liquid that brings them close together
Law of Conservation of Mass Matter is not created nor destroyed,it only changes from one form to another
When different materials of different densities are mixed ... They make layers
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