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OPT Viral

human herpes virus family of 8 viruses causing a myriad of diseases
primary herpes simplex in previously unexposed individuals after 3-9 days post-exposure
acute herpetic gingivostomatitis most common form of primary herpes simplex; fever, crops of oral vesicles that coalesce and painful, enlarged marginal gingiva
herpes viral cytopathic effect nuclear swelling, margination of chromatin, and fusion of cells forming multi-nucleated giant cells
recurrent herpes simplex the herpes virus after it has been transported to sensory ganglia and remains latent unless reactivated
herpes labialis recurrent herpes simplex at vermillion border aka {cold sore/fever blister}
recurrent herpes simplex virus lesions limited to keratinized mucosa bound to bone (distinguishes from apthous ulcers)
herpetic whitlow herpes simplex infections on fingers and thumbs
varicella (chickenpox) caused by {Varicella zoster virus}; primary infection is {chicken pox} and recurrent infection is {herpes zoster/shingles}
Varivax universal vaccine for VZV
breakthrough infection outbreak of chickenpox or shingles in immunized patients; most cases today are of this type
VariZIG vaccine for infants and immunocompromised for VZV
MMR-Proquad vaccine for VZV, measles, mumps, rubella
herpes zoster virus that travels up sensory nerve to dorsal spinal ganglia that can be reactivated to secondary infection
acute phase of herpes zoster phase of herpes zoster that follows prodrome; skin rash of vesicles that stop at the midline
Ramsay Hunt Syndrome reactivation of VZV in geniculate ganglion; ear problems, facial paralysis like Bell's palsy and vertigo
post-herpetic neuralgia chronic phase of herpes zoster, pain that persists in area of the skin rash
granulomatous angiitis ischemic stroke syndrome from inflammation of internal carotid artery; associated with herpes zoster
Zostavax vaccine for people 50+ for VZV
infectious mononucleosis caused by {Epstein-Barr virus}; causes fatigue, lymphadenopathy, NUG
mono-spot assay and Paul Bunnell test tests for heterophile antibodies to EBV
cytomegalovirus (CMV) usually asymptomatic but has symptoms like mononucleosis in immunocompromised
herpangina caused by Coxsackie virus A; flu-like symptoms and palatal macules
hand-foot-and-mouth disease mostly caused by Coxsackie A16; oral lesions appear first then rupture to form ulcers
acute lymphonodular pharyngitis yellow/pink lymphoid aggregates on palate and tonsils
measles (rubeola) highly contagious infection caused by {Paramyxovirus} family; coryza, conjunctivitis, and cough
Koplik's spots oral lesions that develop before the skin rash of measles; blue/white macules on mucosa
Rubella (German measles) mild form of measles caused by members of {Togavirus}
congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) occurs in fetuses exposed to rebella first 12 weeks; deafness, heart disease, and cataracts
mumps (epidemic parotitis) caused by members of {Paramyxovirus} affecting the parotid glands
cART (combined antiretroviral therapy) drug regimen for HIV/AIDS; has greatly reduced mortality
acute retroviral syndrome after initial exposure to HIV, self-limited illness with mono symptoms
AIDS-related complex (ARC) before full-blown AIDS; lymphadenopathy, fever, weight loss, hairy leukoplakia
candidiasis most common oral manifestation of HIV
oral hairy leukoplakia white mucosal plaque that does not rub off on lateral borders of tongue; associate with EBV
morsicatio frictional hyperkeratosis from chronic oral trauma
Kaposi's sarcoma multifocal vascular neoplasm caused by HHV-8; defines AIDS in HIV patients
bacillary angiomatosis mimics Kaposi's sarcoma, associated with cat scratch disease
persistent generalized lymphadenopathy (PGL) enlarged lymph nodes present for longer than 3 months and over 2 sites outside of inguinal region
non-Hodgkin's lymphoma most common malignancy in HIV patients; aggressive B-cell lymphoma
HIV-associated periodontal disease includes NUG, NUP and linear gingival erythema (an unusual candida infection)
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