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Biology Chapter 5

What are the building blocks of matter? atoms
What are elements and molecules? A molecule is the smallest particle of a substance that exists independently. A substance that cannot be decomposed into simpler substances by chemical means, and is made up of atoms all with identical number of protons is an element
What is the pH scale used for? On the scale what is an acid, neutral, and base?
What are Acids? Give 2 examples
What are Bases? Give 2 examples
Why is water so important to living things?
What is the function of nucleic acids, what are examples of nucleic acids?
List 3 types of Lipids and what they do?
What is the function of protein in living things?
What are the 4 structures of proteins, which structure is the final completed form?
. Proteins are made up of ______________________. How many are there?
What is a Carbohydrate?
What are the three examples of carbs (that end with saccharide), give a real example of each
What is the difference between a saturated and unsaturated fat?
What are the building blocks of DNA and RNA called?
What is the structure of DNA called?
Why is the element Carbon so important to life?
. In a chemical reaction, what are products and reactants?
What is a chemical reaction?
What are exothermic and endothermic mean?
The energy needed to start a chemical reaction is called_________________?
What is an enzyme?
What is the difference between anabolic and catabolic reactions? Give 1 example of each
Why are enzymes so important to life? Name 3 enzymes and give their functions
The reaction rate of enzymes depends on what main conditions?
What is the law of conservation of matter?
Water is a polar molecule, what does that mean?
What is metabolism and how is that related to water?
Water is held together by what kind of bond?
What is wrong with the chemical equation below? How could you fix it? CH4 + O2 → CO2 + 2H2O (remember the law of conservation of matter=left side has to equal right side for the number of atoms of each element)
What elements make up Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Nucleic Acids?
Explain how enzymes and substrates are similar to a lock and key.
When the temperature gets too high or pH levels get too high or low for a particular enzyme what will happen to it? What does denature mean?
What are 5 properties of water that help explain why life can exist?
Why don’t denatured enzymes function?
What are the monomers of carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids?



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