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Social Studies

Social Studies Quiz 2

Plains a large flat low gently rolling lands
Foothills rolling hills that rest at the base of a mountain
Wetlands swampy areas of land that are flooded every year
Chinooks warm winds
Immigrants people that leave their home country
Ranching raising animals such as cattle
Primary Industry a business or trade operation that makes use of nature industries that harvest or extract natural resources from the earth ie growing wheat, fishing, mining
Secondary Industry industry that process natural resources to manufacture or make products
Tertiary Industry industry that provides services for i.e. transportation and banking
Provinces and Capital cities in the Interior Plains Region Alberta, Saskatchewan, North West Territories, some of Manitoba
Physical Features Alberta- Plains ,Rolling Prairie Saskatchewan- Grasslands, Foothills Northwest Territories- Large Lakes, Long Rivers Some of Manitoba- Wetlands
Climate warm winds in southern Alberta, very cold in the winter in the northern part of the region
People of the Region First nations Around 500 years ago europeans came to this region, today people from all over the world
Natural Resources (How People use Gifts from God) Oils and miners and fertile soil Mining,farming, and ranches Secondary tertiary and quatiary industries
How can we be good stewards of this region? Farmers can chose to used chemicals on their crops so that soil water air animals and people will not be harmed.
Created by: biundo
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