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Ecce Romani 38-42


coepit he began
mensis month
discipulus pupil
annus year
ruina ruin
navigare to sail
terra earth
mare sea
tempestas storm
navis ship
regina queen
obsidere to besiege
incendere to burn
patior suffer
delere to destroy
aliqui some
unus one
duo two
tres three
quattuor four
quinque five
sex six
septem seven
octo eight
novem nine
decem ten
primus first
secundus second
tertius third
quartus fourth
quintus fifth
sextus sixth
septimus seventh
octavus eighth
nonus ninth
decimus tenth
quot how many
verbum word
idem ac the same as
sic thus
comes companion
antequam before
nusquam nowhere
monere to warn
deus god
dormitare to be sleepy
conticescere to become silent
animadvertere to notice
expergiscor wake up
interest it is important
ferula cane
parere to obey
extendere to hold out
Ave! Greetings!
valeo be strong, be well
primo first
natare to swim
scapha small boat
inde then
desilire to leap down
audere to dare
repellere to drive back
iracundia bad temper
immo vero in fact
ignorare not to know
cum since
crudelis cruel
cum primum as soon as
poena penalty
poenas dare to be punished
obsecrare to beg
quam primum as soon as possible
discere to learn
cupere to desire
rapere to seize
arcessere to summon
tela fabric
studium enthusiasm
foras outside
discessisse to have departed
dicitur is said
Quantum! How much!
talia such things
texere to weave
ventus wind
unda wave
scapha small boat
magister teacher, captain
pro di immortales good heavens!
dives rich
coorior arise
evado escape
adorior attack
resisto resist
superare to overcome
pauper poor
casa hut
pugio dagger
clam secretly
quoniam since
convalescere to get well
Created by: vmdever