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USMLE pharm

Pharm general principles/equations etc.

high Km = High/low affinity High Km = low affinity
Changing substrate concentrations changes Km T/F False. Km will not change with a change in substrate concentrations
In Lineweaver burk plot: Increasing Vmax has what effect? Increasing Vmax = decrease in y intercept
In Lineweaver burk plot, increasing Km (decreasing ___) will have what effect? Decrease affinity; will cause the X-intercept to move to teh right
Vd Amount of drug in body compared to the plasma concentration. (Amt drug/plasma conc) or Dose/Co.
Low Vd, Medium Vd, High Vd. Low vd = 4-8 L, Medium = (body water), High Vd = > body weight; distributes in tissue
Clearance (CL) Relates teh rate of elimination to the plasma concentration. (Rate of elimination/plasma concentration) OR Vdx Ke, where Ke = elimination constant
Half life Time required to change the amount of drug in the body by 1/2 during elimination. t = 0.7x Vd/Cl= 0.7/Ke
Loading dose (Cp x Vd)/F where Cp (target plasma concentration), F = bioavailability
Maintenance dose (Cp x CL)/F, where CP = target plasma concentration
How do liver/kidney disease affect pharmacology 1. Can change the volume of distribution, 2. Maintenance dose will decrease, but loading dose will remain the same
How does infusion concentration affect steady state 1. will not affect time to reach steady state but can affect concentration at steady state
Drugs that exhibit zero-order elimination PEA Phenytoin, Ethanol, Aspirin (will decrease at a constant amount/unit time)
Maximal effect a drug can have Efficacy
Amount of drug needed for a given effect Potency
How do competitive agonists affect potency/efficacy? Cause a decrease in potency
How do non-competitive agonists affect potency/efficacy? Decrease efficacy
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