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50 Question Test

50 Question Test (All Standards)

What type of rock are fossils MOST likely found in? sedimentary
What factor MOST accurately describes the statement "Survival of the fittest" in relation to natural selection? The ability of offspring to reproduce.
Why are rapidly occurring environmental changes more likely to cause extinctions than slowly occurring changes? Slow changes allow time for adaptation.
Scientists are able to conclude that a forested ecosystem existed in Antarctica millions of years ago by studying what? The fossil record.
When would natural selection MOST likely occur/ Centuries of gradual climate change
What has to happen for an inherited trait to increase in a population? Organisms with the trait need to bear more offspring than organisms without the trait.
Some prokaryotes once classified in the domain Bacteria are now classified as what? Archaea
What group contains single-celled organisms? Fungus
What is found in a eukaryotic cell but NOT in a prokaryotic cell? A nucleus
Organisms can be separated by their MOST basic characteristics into the broadest groups know as what? Domains
How are organisms classified as Eukarya different from organisms classified as Archaea and Bacteria? They all have membrane-bound nuclei.
What type of cell has DNA that is NOT bound in a nuclear membrane? A prokaryote cell
In which way is a prokaryotic cell different from a eukaryotic cell? A prokaryotic cell has no nucleus.
Which pair of human body systems functions MOST closely together? Respiratory and cardiovascular
The human body is made up of several systems. The mouth, esophagus, and stomach are all parts of which system? Digestive
Agnes learned that the brain, spinal cord, and nerves work together. What do they combine to form? A system
Which organelle in a plant cell captures sunlight and converts the energy into food? Chloroplast
Which system functions to protect and support vital organs? Skeletal
`The structures in bodies of many organisms have levels of organization that help the body to carry out life processes. What is the correct way to show how these levels are organized from the simplest to the most complex? Cell, tissue, organ, organ system
Removing waste from the body is the primary function of which body system/ Excretory
What structure surrounds the cell and regulates materials that enter and leave the cell? Cell Membrane
This is NOT a characteristic of an animal. Is multicellular with cells that have cell walls.
A scientist cross-pollinates a tomato plant that is resistant to viruses with a tomato plant that produces large tomatoes. What is this an example of? Selective breeding
What factor will MOST likely increase the survival chances of an organism living in an environment that is undergoing rapid changes? Having a diverse gene pool
A main advantage to organisms that reproduce sexually is Greater genetic diversity
What is defines as "the passage of genetic instructions from one generation to the next"? Heredity
What phrase does NOT describe asexual reproduction in organisms? Requires two parents
What characteristic is the BEST example of an inherited trait? Eye color
What BEST describes sexual reproduction in all animals? Egg and sperm join together
What characteristic is LEAST likely to be affected by an individual's environment? Eye color
Bacteria are organisms that reproduce asexually. What would the traits inherited by a newly produced bacterium be like? The same traits as the single parent.
How do traits of animals such as ear shape, nose shape, and hair color MOST often get passed to offspring? Sexual reproduction
What human activity does NOT contribute to the extinction of species? Restoration ecology
Which organisms break down dead matter and recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem? Mushrooms and bacteria
Biotic components need to be recycled through an ecosystem. Which type of organisms are BEST able to recycle nutrients back into the exosystem? Decomposers
Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects that feed on certain types of plants. Which level of a food web would be occupied by an aphid? First-level consumer
Bees use pollen from flowers to make honey. How do bees help flowers? By aiding them in reproduction
What environmental factor would MOST likely prevent an orange tree from surviving in the dessert? The lack of moisture
What is true of mutualistic relationships among organisms? The organisms cooperate with each other.
High average daily temperature and heavy annual precipitation are found where? Rainforest
What era is know as the "Age of Mammals"? Cenozoic