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APES Review 3

3rd set of Words.

What's Pesticide Cons? Genetic rsistance, ecosystem imbalance, pesticide treadmill persistence, bioaccumulation, biological magnification.
What's Natural Pest Control? Better agricultural pactrices, genetically resistant plants, natural enemies, biopesticides,sex atractants.
What's Electricity is generated by? Using steam (from water boiled by fossil fuels or nuclear) or fallig water to turn a generator.
What's Petroleum Forms From? Microscopic aquatic organisms in sediments coverted by heat pressure into a mixture of hydrocarbons
What's Pros of Petroleum? cheap, easily transported, high quality energy.
What's Cons of Petroleum? Reserves depleted soon, pollution during drilling, transport and refining, burning makes CO2
What's Steps in Coal Formation? Peat, lignite, bituminous, anthracite.
What's Major Parts of Nuclear Reactors? Core, control rods, steam generator, turbine, containment building
What's Two Most Nuclear Accidents: (Chernoyl, Ukraine)(Three Mile Island, PA)
What's Alternate Energy Sources? Wind, solar, waves, biomass, geothermal, fuel cells.
What's LD5O? The amount of chemical that kills 50% of the animals in a test population.
What does Mutagen, Teatogen, Carcinogen Causes? Hereditary canges, Fetus deformites, & cancer.
What's Mutiple use US public land? National Forest & National Resource lands.
What's Moderately retricted use land? National Wildlife Refuges
What's Restrcted Use Lands? National Parks, National Wilderness Preservation System.
What's Volcanoes and Earthquakes? Occur at plate boundaries(divergent, spreading, mid-ocean ridges)(convergent, trenches)(transform, sliding, San Andreas)
Created by: Ch4v3z