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Lingua Latina Chapter - Capitulum Primum

īnsula īnsulae, f. island
oppidum oppidī, n. town
ōceanus ōceanī, m. ocean
imperium imperiī, n. empire
prōvincia prōvinciae, f. province (area under Roman control, but with no citizenship rights)
numerus numerī, m. number
littera litterae, f. letter
vocābulum vocābulī, n. vocabulary
capitulum capitulī, n. chapter
syllaba syllabae syllable
exemplum exemplī, n. example
pēnsum pēnsī, n. exercise
magnus magna, magnum great, large, big
parvus parva, parvum small, little
Graecus Graeca, Graecum Greek
Rōmānus Rōmāna, Rōmānum Roman
Latīnus Latīna, Latīnum Latin
multī multae, multa many
paucī paucae, pauca few
ūnus ūna, ūnum one
duo duae (f.), duo (m.) two
trēs trēs (f.), tria (n.) three
sex six
mīlle one thousand / a thousand
prīmus prīma, prīmum first
secundus secunda, secundum second
tertius tertia, tertium third
est is (singular)
sunt (they) are (plural)
in (+ abl.); (+ acc.) in; into
sed but (Marcus non puella est, ________ puer est.)
nōn not
quoque also (Brundisium est oppidum. Tusculum _______ est oppidum.)
-ne? Introduces a yes/no question (Est____ Quintus puer? Ita / Non.)
ubi? where (______ est Roma? Roma in Italia est.)
num? Introduces a question exspecting the answer "no" (________ Sparta fluvius est? NON!)
quid? What? (________ est Sardinia? Sardinia est insula.)
fluvius fluviī, m. river
Created by: ejkotynski



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