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APS Social Studies

Australia, Oceania, Antarctica

Australia The only country on earth that is both a continent and island
australis latin word meaning southern
Great Dividing Range a chain of hills and mountains that interrupts Australia's otherwise level landscape
Tasmania an island that seperated from Australia's mainland long ago by the sea
The Western Plateau a low expanse of flat land in central and western Australia
The Outback is what most Australians refer to the Western Plateau
the Great Sandy, Great Victoria, and Gibson Deserts all can be found in the Western Plateau
Nullarbor Plain the name comes from the latin nullus arbor or no tree. This are is very dry and treeless and ends abruptly with cliffs and the Indian Ocean far below
Central Lowlands seperate The Great Dividing Range and the Western Plateau. It is an arid grassland and desert that stretches across the east central part of Australia
The Murray River and the Darling River supply water that supports farming.
Artesian wells wells from which pressurized water flows to the surface, is too salty for humans or crops, ranchers use it to water livestock
The Great Barrier Reef along the northeastern coast is a string of more than 2,500 small coral reefs extending for more than 1,250 miles
coral limestone skeletos of a tiny sea animal
Australian Farmland only 10% can be farmed, but Australian farmers effectively grow wheat, barley, fruit, and sugarcane. In arid areas ranchers raise cattle, sheep, and chickens
Australia's mineral resources 1/4 of the world's bauxite and most of the world's high quality Opals. There are also deposties ofr coal, iron ore, lead, zinc, gold, nickel, and petroleum.
atoll rign-shaped island formed by the buildup of coral reefs on the rim of submerged volcanoes
lagoon shallow pools of clear water, and usually rise only a few feet above sea level.
doldrums a narrow band near the equator that is generally windless
manuka a small shrub that carpets the land where prehistoric volcanic eruptions destroyed ancient forests.
krill a shrimp like animal eaten by some whales that is full of protein
wattle a strong interwoven wooden framework of saplings of the acacia tree used for building homes
lichens tiny sturdy plants that can live in severe weather
crevasse caused by the tremendous weight causes the frozen mass to spread towards the coasts. AS it moves, the ice breaks into pieces causing huge cracks as much as 100 feet wide
typhoons forceful winds and heavy rain that can devastate land and vegetation and threaten lives.
Melanesia "black islands" north and east of Australia
Micronesia "Little Islands" extend north of Melanesia
Polynesia "many islands" spans from Midway island in the north to New Zealand in the south
Created by: tbostwick