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FMS MockTrial Object

Mock Trial objections

ObjectionResponseName of objection
Objection, Your Honor. Counsel is being argumentative (harassing this witness) Your Honor, the witness is not responding to my questions. Argumentative/Badgering the witness.
Objection, Your Honor. This question has been asked and answered. Your Honor, the witness has not answered the question in sufficient detail. Asked and answered.
Objection, Your Honor. Counsel is asking the witness about facts that did not come up during cross-examination (or re-direct examination). Your Honor, Counsel opened the door during his/her examination when s/he asked the witness __________. Beyond the scope.
Objection, Your Honor. The character of the witness is not at issue here. Your Honor. the evidence relates to the credibility of the witness, which is an issue. Character of the witness.
A) Objection, Your Honor. Counsel's question calls for hearsay. B) Objection, Your Honor. The witness's answer was based on hearsay and I ask that my objection precede the answer and that the hearsay be stricken from the record. A) Your Honor, the testimony is not hearsay because it was not offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted. B) Your Honor, the testimony is an exception to the hearsay rule because it is "excited utterance". Hearsay.
Objection, Your Honor. Opposing counsel has failed to lay a proper foundation that Dr. _____ is qualified to answer this question. Your Honor, let me ask a few more questions to clarify the matter. Lack of foundation.
A) Objection, Your Honor. The witness does not have the personal knowledge necessary to answer the question. B) Objection Your Honor. The witness is giving an opinion which s/he is not qualified to give. Your Honor, the witness was simply responding to Counsel's question. Lack of personal/professional knowledge.
Objection, Your Honor. Counsel is leading the witness. Your Honor, this question was merely asked to lay a foundation. Leading question.
A) Objection, Your Honor. Counsel is calling for a narrative. B) Objection, Your Honor. The witness is narrating. I ask that the narrative portion of the answer be stricken from the record and that counsel continue using a question and answer format. A) Your Honor, let me rephrase the question. B) Your Honor, the witness was merely answering the question. Narrative.
Objection, Your Honor. The testimony is irrelevant to the facts of the case. Your Honor, this evidence is relevant to the issue of ________. Relevance.
Objection, Your Honor. The question/answer is speculative. Your Honor, the witness is testifying to his/ her knowledge of the facts. Speculation.
Objection, Your Honor. The question assumes facts not in evidence. Your Honor, the witness (or another witness) has already testified that _______. Assumes facts not in evidence.
Objection, Your Honor. The witness is being unresponsive. The answer does not directly respond to my question. Your Honor, the witness did answer the question to the best of his/her ability. Unresponsive.
Objection, Your Honor. The witness is unfairly extrapolating from his/her witness statement. Your Honor, a reasonable inference is permitted and the basis for this inference is __________. Unfair extrapolation.
Created by: 21ekolln