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Euro Geography

Fjords Narrow deep inlets of the sea set between high rocky cliffs
Navigable Rivers Rivers that have natural harbors and are suited for transportation
North Atlantic Drift A warm ocean current that originates off the North American coast that is feed by tropical waters.
Loess fine-grained soil that is very fertile found in N. Europe
sequent occupance The process of settlement by a successive group, also the manner in which the British Isiles and France was settled
Benelux Countries Belgium, Luxemburg and Netherlands
Cosmopolitan City A city that is characterized by many foreign influences
geothermal energy energy that is created by the earth natural heat
geysers shoot hot water into the air
Scandinavia includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Greenland and Iceland
Central Europe Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria
alliances an agreement between countries to support each other against their enemies
Canton In Switzerland a state is called a
Baltic Countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Exclave an area separated from the rest of the country by the territory of another country
Iberian Peninsula Portugal and Spain
Western Balkans Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia/Montenegro
Eastern Balkans Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova
Primate City A city that ranks first and dominates a county in terms of population and economy
Created by: Coach Hilton