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Girls - Ecosystem

Oceans the vast body of salt water that covers almost three fourths of the Earth's surface.
Lakes natural or man-made body of water that is surrounded by land
Ponds a body of water smaller than a lake, sometimes artificially formed, as by damming a stream
Ecosystems all the living things in an environment including their interactions with each other
Terrestrial ecosystem found only on landforms
Aquatic areas of ocean and other water bodies which have similar climatic condition on the Earth
Estuary area where seawater mixes with freshwater
Salt Marsh coastal wetlands that are flooded and drained by salt water
Grasslands wide expanses of land filled with low growing plants such as grasses and wildflowers
Food Chain path of the energy in food from one organism to another
Food Web overlapping food chains in an ecosystem
Producers any of the plants and algae that produce oxygen and food that animals need
Consumers any animal that eats plants or eats other plant-eating animals
Decomposers any of the fungi or bacteria that break down dead plants and animals into useful things like minerals and rich soil
Parasitism a relationship in which one organism lives in or on another organism and benefits from that relationship while the other organism may be harmed by it
Pioneer Community the first community thriving in a once lifeless area
Pioneer Species the first species living in an otherwise lifeless area
Predator animal that hunts other animals for food
Prey living thing that is hunted for food
Primary Succession the beginning of a community where few, if any, living things exist, or where earlier communities were wiped out
Renewable Resource a resource that can be replaced in a short period of time
Scavenger a meat-eating animal that feeds on the remains of dead animals
Secondary Community the beginning of a new community where an earlier community already exists
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